We set out to do things differently. Here's how.

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Our team

Our team are approachable, knowledgeable, and friendly. Their passion for training and development means they will go beyond what is expected of them to support you.

They are experts in their fields and know how to get people through their exams, whilst creating a relaxed classroom environment.

The tutors are available all the time and are always willing to go that extra mile for you. The most friendliest group I've worked with!

CGI Student

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Our approach

We are student focused and are always looking at how we can enhance the student experience. We're always here for our students, with an open-door policy for you to see us whenever you like.

Our friendly, transparent and collaborative approach nurtures the trust and confidence that enables students to achieve their potential.

I have enjoyed my time so far at Chapter One, I have been taught by two tutors who both have their own way of learning but I like how they engage with the students.

CGI Student

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Small class sizes

We know that large class sizes can be overwhelming. They can inhibit students from participating in discussions, and prevent individuals from achieving their potential.

We have a business model which focuses on small class sizes, creating a learning experience that is less like a lecture, and more collaborative. So sign up fast before these seats are filled!

The tutors are so lovely and approachable! Having a smaller class is great because its much easier to get what you need out of the class and its much more tailored to individuals learning.

ACCA Student

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Modern ways of teaching

Education has moved far away from the ‘chalk and talk’ method of teaching which has dominated in the past. Or at least it should have...

We operate best-practice modern teaching methodologies which are goal and results-orientated. Our classes are activity based, using questioning, explaining, demonstration and collaboration techniques. We have adapted to the modern world and you can attend class physically or virtually, the choice is yours.

The materials are extremely informative and very well presented. There are many different aspects and tools that us as students can use to learn from so there is something for everyone.

CGI student

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Frequent lessons

Experiments reveal that students who study more frequently have better long-term recall of the material.

To improve retention, we've broken our courses down into much smaller learning chunks, so that we see students frequently and can revisit the syllabus more often.

I really enjoy being able to attend classes from home even though some people are in the classroom as it allows me to work up until my lessons start rather than having to leave work 20 minutes early.

CGI student

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Quality and comfort

We are passionate about getting the most out of the classroom time, focusing on the quality rather than the quantity of training.

To combat retention fatigue, we keep our days slightly shorter, and in much compact blocks of around two days at a time. We have comfortable, welcoming breakout areas as well as access to our classrooms outside of hours.

There is always enough resources available for our revision and I feel like I have everything available for me in order to pass my exams.

ACCA Student

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Technology focused

We are investing in and using the latest technology to enhance the student experience and enable remote classroom access from the comfort of your home or office desk.

If you wish to go through anything quickly in a lunch hour, no problem! We can connect remotely for a face-to-face session on your phone without walking anywhere.


The technology has worked perfectly from day one, its modern and easy to work with.

CGI Student

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